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Friday 04 December
Saturday 05 December
10:30 start
Classroom Workshop: Create your own musical soundscape

Join MFY Music Mentor Neil Valentine in a virtual workshop with your primary school class. Use classroom percussion, body percussion and your voices to create your own unique forest soundscape. Includes resources for extenstion activities. Recommended for ages 6+.

Classroom Workshop: The Changing Faces of Vocalisation

Renowned Vocal Coach and Choir Director Mark De-Lisser will be zooming into primary classrooms across the country. Exploring how creative we can be with our voices, this practical session will show how subtle vocal changes can be applied to suit different musical styles. Recommended for ages 8-12.

Composition Workshop: Beginning a Beat

Meet Mel Uye-Parker, a music maker and educator who teaches people how to make music with Ableton Live and Push. Watch Mel create a track on Ableton in real-time and work alongside her to create your own piece! Recommended for ages 13-18. You'll need to download a free trial of Ableton before the workshop begins.

Workshop: Practice is Fun

Students Amy Bannister and Cathy Bennett from Sheffield University have created this model of a fun and interactive virtual practice session aimed at encouraging children to practise in a productive and enjoyable way.

For any teachers that come along, this will be a good way for them to gain some practical ideas to include in their own teaching and leading. Recommended for ages 8-13. 

Play-Along: Friday Night Jazz

Enter the world of jazz improvisation - from the comfort of your own home - in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment.

Zoom into this interactive session led by NMPAT tutor Jamie Glew. Participants will be encouraged to play and improvise along.

19:15 finish
09:30 start
Virtual Saturday Centre: Warm-Up

Rise and Shine! Wake up and get ready for a fun day of music-making with this live interactive vocal and physical warm-up led by Rachel Coles and Beth Hodgson from NMPAT on zoom. Recommended for ages 6+.

At Home with Love Ssega

MFY Ambassador Love Ssega talks to us from his home about his music, where he started,  and what music has enabled him to do.

Play Along: Brass Blast

Brass workshop with Roger Argente and students from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Grab your part and play along to a newly commissioned work, Xaloc, with arrangements for easy brass quintet, advanced brass quintet and full brass band parts. 

MFY Mentors on Call

Gain special access to experts for advice and feedback on your music. Groups and individuals who submitted for The Future Is Now website are invited to book 30-minute slots with MFY Music Mentors, Adey Grummet, Sam Dunkley, Jennifer John and Andy Grappy. Bring your whole group, or representatives from it, to the Zoom call, share your video or tracks and get expert advice and support. Eligible groups/individuals will be contacted by MFY with details on how to book. 

Love Ssega's Clinics

Thanks to MFY Ambassador and recording artist Love Ssega for offering his advice and feedback in a series of personalised music clinics for young artists and bands. If you are 16 or above, and have submitted tracks to MFY for The Future Is Now or Elevate Festival, or taken part in live Frequencies events, email to register your interest and we will be in touch.

The Lunchtime Interview

We talk all things music with our special guest Love Ssega.

Workshop: The Evolution of Song

Singer, songwriter and MFY Music Mentor Bridget Walsh takes you on a journey of music production: writing, development, arranging, recording, bringing in a band, working with producers, post production. 

Using one of her own songs, you'll see and hear how the song develops as it passes through these stages, to its current form as a live studio recording. Bridget will share personal experience and practical skills for you to take on board when considering what to do with your musical ideas.

Jason Singh's Live Radio Show

Sound artist, composer and DJ Jason Singh plays you his pick of new works by young artists and bands involved in The Future Is Now. Join Jason's unique music community via the live chat and talk to the man himself.

Virtual After Show Party

By invitation only, young artists featured in Jason Singh's Live Radio Show are invited to this after show party on Zoom where they will be buddied up with a student producer from the Royal Northern College of Music.

17:00 finish
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